My Can Do Can Do Book – Children's Activity Book

My Can Do Can Do Book
84 Pages
ISBN 9781462874965

"My Can Do Can Do Book" is meant to be educational yet fun, by allowing the child to develop their mind as well as their imagination. It contains practice area for writing as well as puzzles to help in developing cognitive ability.

The crafts chosen will keep the child/children occupied as they develop their motor skills with time, practice, and patience. The stories included will come alive when read aloud. We encourage parents and teachers to make time for this important way of inspiring the young mind. In addition, this book will be a great tool for the building of relationships and teamwork.

Audrey Gayle

About Audrey Gayle (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Audrey Gayle

Audrey Gayle is a freelance writer; her children's book "My Can Do Can Do Book" is published by Her latest project "Mommy's Birthday Surprise" is available on Amazon .com. When not writing or reading she likes to bake and decorate cupcakes. She presently lives with her husband in Cleveland, Tennessee. She often spends time with two energetic, smart, caring & fun loving grandkids and one independent and annoying cat called Storm.

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