Natural Disasters – A Love Story

Natural Disasters
336 Pages
ISBN 978-1483574943

An enticing tale of the unpredictable power of love . . .

This irresistible debut novel dances off with your heart while lighting the way to love. At once comic and insightful, it's the story of Maggie Chisholm, a therapist who's good at overhauling everyone's psyche but her own . . . until she loses her balance after a hundred-year flood ravages the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona. Damage to the beautiful home she shares with her husband leads to an encounter with Finn, a local contractor, outdoorsman and self-avowed bachelor. Captivated by Maggie despite his highly guarded heart, Finn can't resist the magnetic connection any more than Maggie can.

Regardless of her longings for a soul mate, Maggie's had enough turbulence in her life; she doesn't need to weather any more of it. Neither does Finn, whose resistance to involvement isn't without cause. Even so, their unfolding relationship evolves into an all-consuming love, as passionate as it is precarious. A threat to their safety, Maggie's alcoholic husband, Martin, mustn't know of her plans to escape her hellish marriage, or another disaster could ensue. But Martin's not the only problem.

Riding the rapids of their desire—as told from Maggie and Finn's separate points of view—their story surges toward a series of unexpected events. While Finn's life veers out of control, Maggie's abusive marriage reaches a crescendo, and dreams are blurred by reality, their love bedeviled by fear. Now Maggie must overhaul her own psyche before regaining her balance . . . with the love of her life. More than a romance for discerning readers, Natural Disasters is an undaunted journey toward self-discovery. Full of mirth and messages, it invites you to explore a compelling path to the fulfillment of your heart.

Geraldine Cantrell

About Geraldine Cantrell (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Geraldine Cantrell

As a licensed psychotherapist, Geraldine (Deenie) Cantrell's insight into the realms of the human heart inspires others to discover their true selves. Specializing in trauma and abuse recovery for over 25 years, she has worked with individuals and families in need of healing on the deepest levels. “Realizing who you truly are is to discover love,” she says. “It is love that promotes healing.”

In addition to her career in clinical counseling, Deenie is also an award-winning writer and artist. Often integrating creative expression with therapeutic modalities in her private practice, she finds both writing and art to be highly effective means of accessing the healing power of the soul. Having first-hand knowledge of rising above traumatic circumstances, she asserts, “My creativity has always been a saving grace in my life."

It is Deenie's belief that we're all here to discover our unlimited possibilities and expand our capacity to love. Assisting others on this journey has been her life's purpose, as well as her motivation for writing Natural Disasters, A Love Story, her novel of love lost and found. Coming next: The Gertrude Tree, her memoir and winner of an Editor’s Choice Award at the SDSU’s 25th Annual Writer’s Conference. *

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  • Originally titled: Eating Cake