Natural Health Considerations When Living With Depression – A Survey and Discussion of Applicable Natural Health Literature

Natural Health Considerations When Living With Depression
100 Pages
ISBN 978-1729041079

This text will describe a variety of natural health remedies that may be beneficial in the alleviation of depression in an individual. Herbal remedies, lifestyle factors, nutrition, enzymes, homeopathy, spirituality, and mental health counseling will be discussed. Those suffering from depression experience deep feelings of sadness and lethargy. They may feel a lack of motivation, sleep more of less than usual, and have a difficult time focusing. Depression will impact many aspects of their life from personal relationships, employment, household tasks, and feelings about oneself. There exist some natural options to consider.

Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC

About Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC

I am the mother of two awesome daughters, Clover Joy & Esther Chai. We try to enjoy as much of the great outdoors of Alaska as we can through hiking, camping, berry-picking, and breathing in the fresh air. I also enjoy art, theatre, literature, writing, and having a good laugh.

I also deeply value my relationship with the Lord. He has been my foundation, strength, and encouragement throughout my life.

I have worked in the mental health field in Alaska for several years. My experience includes addiction counseling, marriage counseling, crisis counseling and assessment, work with children and adolescents, as well as group counseling. I have also done case management and outreach with individuals dealing with homelessness and chronic mental illness. I have also done case management and treatment planning for individuals with disabilities.

I currently own and operate my private counseling practice, Whole Serenity Counseling, in Wasilla, AK. I am a licensed professional counselor through the state of AK. I provide tele-health sessions.