No Pity In Death – An Annie Collins Mystery

No Pity In Death
249 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9992461-3-9

Struggling to put her life back together after becoming the victim of attempted murder, OR nurse Annie Collins agrees to help homicide Detective Alex Frost investigate a troubling number of patient deaths on the ICU step down unit at her hospital. The deaths are not unexpected, but Annie and Frost wonder whether someone is helping patients die.

Assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros, Annie’s close friend, worries about her involvement with Frost’s investigation and his worry escalates after she is contacted by a previous acquaintance. His feelings for her make dealing with the repercussions of both difficult.

Meanwhile, Angel and another ADA become the targets of vandalism and harassment that may or may not be related to a trial and its verdict. Is it juvenile payback for the verdict by an unhappy friend or relative of the defendant or is it more deadly than that?

Helen Starbuck

About Helen Starbuck (Denver, Colorado Author)

Helen Starbuck

Colorado native, OR nurse, and award-winning author of The Annie Collins Mystery Series, Helen Starbuck lives in Arvada, Colorado. She writes her contemporary mysteries, set in Denver, from the perspective of Annie Collins, an OR nurse. Her contemporary suspense/crime novels, Legacy of Secrets, Finding Alex, and The Woman He Used to Know, are also set in Denver.