Old Ways and New Days

Old Ways and New Days
348 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-1613097632

John Ross has retired after many years working as a journalist. He contemplates about what he wants to do with the rest of his life. But along the way he finds out that there are some things you simply can't control. Life simply happens.

John is happily married to a retired school teacher who stays busy with lots of activities. He has two adult children -- a son and daughter -- who are as different as night and day. And he has a rescue dog, Whiskers, who may have rescued him in the process.

John learns that work has caused him to lose touch with the neighborhood where he has lived for many years. And he finds out that things weren't always as they seemed to be.

Michael Embry

About Michael Embry (Frankfort, Kentucky Author)

Michael Embry

Michael Embry is the author of eight novels, three nonfiction sports books, and one short-story collection. His eighth novel, "Darkness Beyond the Light," was published Nov. 1, 2017.

Embry spent more than 30 years in the news media—working for two newspapers, a national news service, and a regional magazine—as an award-winning sportswriter, news reporter, editor, and photographer. He is listed in "Who's Who in America." His novel, "Old Ways and New Days," was a finalist in the EPIC Awards for fiction in 2016.

He lives in Frankfort, Ky., with his wife, Mary, and two dogs, Bailey and Belle. His interests, in addition to writing, include reading, hiking, travel, and photography.

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