Pennington's Hoax – A Maggie Lyon Mystery

Pennington's Hoax
332 Pages
ISBN 978-1635540918

Pennington's Hoax is Maggie Lyon's second adventure. Investigative journalist and author of the best-selling Murdered Justice, Maggie finds herself up to her neck in trouble as she gets sucked into another strange case.

Called upon to interview one of America’s most beloved authors, Maggie sets out to learn whether or not the reclusive Ely Pennington actually penned her famous classic novel Rebel's Last Yell or if she took credit for someone else’s hard work. Maggie’s trouble is that the author passes away before they can meet. Determined to get to the bottom of Pennington’s Hoax - if there has actually been a hoax, the intrepid reporter is the first to realize that Pennington might have been murdered.

Maggie pursues clue after clue only to hit one dead end after another. For some reason her sources keep dying or disappearing before the truth can finally be discovered. Then suddenly the relentless Maggie becomes the killer’s target!

Patrick Brown

About Patrick Brown (Vancouver, Washington Author)

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is author of Moral Ambiguity (2011), Tossed Off the Edge (2014), Murdered Justice (2017), and Pennington's Hoax (2018). Patrick's keen observational skills, scathing wit and sense of humor shine through in his plots, settings and memorable characters. Having worked in several fields, including the arts, civil rights, and politics, Patrick has broadened his knowledge of human nature, and frequently transforms personalities and situations into captivating stories and not-so-subtle social commentary.

Patrick created the blog "One More Thing to Read" at www.writtenbypatrickbrown