Poems from a Loquacious Heart – A Dark Love Story

Poems from a Loquacious Heart
35 Pages
ISBN 1549950193

Poems from a Loquacious Heart: A Dark Love Story is a collection of poems that tell a kind of dark love story. You will hear from my young heart in and out of relationships before finding the one.

There is a blissful beginning gone wrong, hills and valleys in the middle, and a rainbow at the end. There is so much raw emotion and heartache poured out that the words might cause a shiver.

POEM THEMES: LOVE, LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, and DEPRESSION...easy to read and understand! Enjoy!

Christina Crahall

About Christina Crahall (Scranton, Pennsylvania Author)

Christina Crahall

Hello! My name is Christina (Curcio) Crahall and I’ve had a passion for writing poetry since I was in middle school. I wrote most of my poems while I was in college. Writing helped me get through difficult times and my poems tell a story. I hope readers will enjoy the true emotion in my writing, and I wish to inspire others to write. Read. Relate. Reflect. Write your story...

POETRY THEMES - LOVE, LIFE, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIPS, NATURE, GOD, etc...easy to read & understand!

REVIEWS from a verified Amazon customer - "The book (Poems from a Loquacious Heart: A Dark Love Story) shows deep emotions, how she handled them, and how she came from deep despair to joy and happiness. Love is a very strong emotion and it can be hurtful and it can be beautiful. Well written" - S.C. (Poems from a Loquacious Heart: Life's Story) - "I just see that we go through almost the same things in life. I don't think we realize it until we hear from someone else. Talented writer." - S.C.