Postcards from Planet Eldercare – the final frontier

Postcards from Planet Eldercare
150 Pages
ISBN 978-0615839554

Take two retired Boomers. Add one elderly mother-in-law and her deranged Chihuahua, a steady diet of sleep deprivation, and a passel of monotonous routines. What do you get? Days (and sometimes nights) filled with laundry, mixed nuts, repeats of repeats, and better-laugh-or-you'll-cry moments.

Late-life care can be the elephant in the room. We ignore it because … well, what do you do with something large and foreign that you’d rather not discuss? Should you wait until it devours the houseplants and starts in on the pantry, or plan for a future that includes provisions for eldercare?

Through wry anecdotes, subtle lessons, and the author’s sketches, Postcards from Planet Eldercare chronicles one couple's experiences and strategies for tending a family elder. Bonus sections provide 40 Products that Work and 30 tips for Easing into Providing Care.

Paula (P. Jo) Riley

About Paula (P. Jo) Riley (Reno, Nevada Author)

Paula (P. Jo) Riley

It doesn't surprise me that as an avid reader I eventually became a writer for hire. It took years, though, in marketing, then in child welfare before the opportunity arose to take on freelance writing, then book writing. I suppose anyone can write. All it takes is years of reading widely, a lot of study, and oodles of practice. It helps to love stories. Scenes. Paragraphs. Sentences. Words!

So it is that many local and regional magazines and newspapers carry my bylines (my photos too). I have published two personal narratives (non-fiction), and lead a class now and then for TMCC. I hope to find representation for my fourth novel, now in progress. Book projects, editing projects, self-publishing projects, I like them all.

Look for my stories in Sierra Living magazine, NEVADA magazine, Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno News & Review, Montana Living, Comstock Business, Range magazine, and more. Samples at

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