Precious Redemption – Sheltered Deliverance Revisited

Precious Redemption
238 Pages
ISBN 9780983207863

Assault, incest, rape - in one ministry it is as common as praise and worship. In an unusual and engrossing chain of events, an inquisitive reporter, Crystal Houston is about to find just how dangerous serving in the Kingdom can be. Despite her husband's warnings and recurring nightmares, Crystal is determined to follow her curiosity. Her innate ability to question and challenge not only uncovers some truths to close to home, but puts her and her loved ones in the grip of death.

E. Claudette Freeman

About E. Claudette Freeman (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Author)

E. Claudette Freeman

E. Claudette Freeman is an award-winning journalist and an award-winning playwright. Freeman became a writer in her teenage years when an English teacher introduced her to the work of Zora Neale Hurston and James Baldwin. She is the author of the collection of short fiction PIECES. AND ME. THE STUFF THAT WAKES ME UP AT NIGHT, the novel PRECIOUS REDEMPTION: SHELTERED DELIVERANCE REVISITED and the non-fiction work examining the spiritual meanings of dreams WHEN I DANCED WITH GOD. Freeman is also the author of two collections of devotional journals. A lover of the way and the why of how people talk, she is also the author of 8 plays, and was commissioned to pen FROM THE PORCH, a celebration of Black History, narrated by Actor/Producer Danny Glover. Her plays have been recognized by the DC Black Theatre Festival and the Women's Theatre Festival of Memphis.

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