Premium Mixed Nuts – An Anthology

Premium Mixed Nuts
260 Pages
ISBN 1981587020

What do a dead grizzly bear, a homicidal mule, a monkey, a pink concrete truck, and a crooked politician have in common? They all come from the slightly bent imagination of Ralph D. James, who began writing at the behest of his wife. This anthology is the result.

~ The party was fun. The girl he met was pretty. Then he woke up in a crop circle.

~ A high school concert takes an unexpected turn when an arrow flies during the "William Tell Overture."

~ She leaves home for El Paso, but the trains don’t run on time. And now her luggage is gone.

~ A dead man spills his coffee. There’s a strange photograph in his pocket ... and a map with an X. What does he do now?

These and five more tall tales and contemporary stories prove conclusively that Ralph D. James has an excellent grasp of the absurd.

Ralph D. James

About Ralph D. James (New Hampshire Author)

Ralph D. James

Long ago, a high school creative writing teacher told Ralph David James he had an excellent grasp of the absurd. Perhaps his teacher was right ...

In 2014, retired after forty years in the engineering and construction industry, Ralph created sample blog templates to show writers how he could help them promote their work. He wrote several paragraphs of content for each different genre's template. His lovely bride, Clarice G. James, a writer herself, suggested he expand one of them into a short story. The result was "Just West of Clovis," which debuted in the anthology Out of the Storm. Since then, eight other tales have joined "Clovis" in his new anthology, Premium Mixed Nuts.

Ralph and Clarice live in New Hampshire. He lured her from Cape Cod with glowing promises of city water and trash pick-up. She's not sure whether to forgive him.