Quest of the Warrior Maiden – Bradamante and Ruggiero, Volume I

Quest of the Warrior Maiden
394 Pages
ISBN 978-0983636212

Two cruel prophecies. A warrior with an impossible choice. Will she doom her people or save her love?

Frankish Empire, 802 AD. Christian warrior Bradamante puts honor above all else. But when she meets handsome Saracen knight Ruggiero on the field of battle, forbidden passion ignites. With her lover pledged to the enemy, she fears duty and honor must keep them apart forever…

When a sorcerer imprisons the knight, Bradamante discovers two prophecies about their future with devastating consequences. She can indeed wed Ruggiero but doing so would seal his death. If she forsakes her love, then she’ll cause the downfall of the Christian empire.

With the fate of her people at stake, will Bradamante choose to doom the innocent masses or the life of her one true love?

Quest of the Warrior Maiden is the award-winning first novel in the Bradamante & Ruggiero historical fantasy series. If you like Arthurian myth, strong heroines, and tales of forbidden passion, then you’ll love this thrilling epic of impossible devotion.

Linda C. McCabe

About Linda C. McCabe (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Linda C. McCabe

Linda C. McCabe lives in the Northern California Wine Country with her college sweetheart and twenty-something son. She received a master's degree as an historian of science from Sonoma State University, and loves to travel. To aid in the research of her writing, she has taken two extended trips to France scouring museums in Paris and trekking through medieval hilltop villages in the Midi-Pyrenees. Her novel Quest of the Warrior Maiden won the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association Award for Best Historic Fantasy and an Honorable Mention for Genre-Based fiction by the Hollywood Book Festival. Her second novel Fate of the Saracen Knight was published in December 2018.

She has been a member of the California Writers Club for more than a decade and is past-president of the local branch, Redwood Writers. She has had opinion/editorials published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the Los Angeles Times and essays published in several of the Redwood Writers’ anthologies as well as the Centennial Edition of the California Writers Club Anthology West Winds. Linda was one of sixteen writers who took part in a collaborative effort to each write one chapter in a serialized murder mystery series called the Sonoma Squares Murder Mystery that appeared in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. She was also asked to contribute another chapter in the sequel Red Harvest.

McCabe was also the winner of the website's First Reader's Choice Award for Best Novel Length Fic for Harry Potter fan fiction in 2003 for her story Secrets, Lies and the Daily Prophet. She is currently writing the third volume in her trilogy.

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