Rambits and Friends

A collection of short stories of Rambits and Friends as they journey across different lands. Follow the Unnamed Rambit as he searches for others like him. The Two Elephants, in different worlds, who discover new lands and eventually each other. Two daughters journey to find an ingredient to create medicine for their sick father. The story of the Spider is a journey to find a home.

Ella Gaviota

About Ella Gaviota (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Ella Gaviota

Ella Gaviota lives in Santa Fe, NM and is a mother of two girls. She enjoys painting and spending time with her family.

The pictures in this book were painted using acrylics. Ella first imagined the creatures called rambits about twenty years ago and began sketching and painting rambits at that time.

Ella has written one book comprised of four short journey stories.