Role Montage – A Creative New Way to Discover the LEADER Within You

Role Montage
143 Pages
Lakeshore Press
ISBN 978-0-9973937-0-5

Everyone has a role montage inside themselves, whether they know it or not. Role montage practice is an exciting new technique that allows leaders to access and discover the people who have inspired them to succeed. These influential sources include various people, both real and imaginary, they've encountered along the way, including various media sources that they've experienced, such as books, movies, cartoons, blogs and television.

The book provides a structured process to document and describe the most important ideas and values that have meaning in one's life and then incorporates this information into an idealized image of yourself. The pictures and patterns that are designed help develop important self-awareness capabilities.

Role montage practice will ultimately serve as a guide that inspires and motivates growth to become stronger and more effective as a leader. Coaches and consultants will want to use this book with their clients to promote successful leadership.

Discover how to: * Learn and understand the values that influence you * Comprehend your strengths and challenge *Take action to follow a positive leadership path

Rich with personal stories to illustrate the concept, each chapter ends with exercises that can be used individually or in groups to help build a solid foundation for success.

Jan Schmuckler

About Jan Schmuckler (Oakland, California Author)

Jan Schmuckler

Jan M. Schmuckler, former professor of organizational psychology and director of the Coaching Certificate Program at John F. Kennedy University, developed the concept of role montage while writing her doctoral dissertation. Her dissertation was on the Psycho-social Development of Women College Presidents.

Dr. Schmuckler worked in the Silicon Valley at high technology companies and biotechnology companies where she used the idea of role montage with her coaching and consulting clients. For over twenty years she worked as an independent consultant and coach in the US and in Asia. Her interests in women's leadership has prevailed and for her current book she interviewed forty-three women leaders from all parts of the U.S. who held positions of director and above.

Dr. Schmuckler lives in Oakland with her husband, two children and one granddaughter.