Scooter 'n' Oaks: – A Cat Adoption Story

Scooter 'n' Oaks:
64 Pages
Scooter and Oaks, LLC (Forest Cats Press imprint)
ISBN 978-0-9980996-0-6

Scooter 'n' Oaks: A Cat Adoption Story is a delightfully entertaining TRUE tale of two rescue kittens who capture a lady's heart and find their forever home. One of the littermates is a very timid orange fluffball afraid to play. Another has black and gray stripes and just doesn't fit in with his flamboyant shelter mates. But can he purr - almost as loud as an airplane! Scooter and Oaks come alive through realistic dialogue and charming life-like watercolor illustrations.

Cat owners of all ages find parts of their pet's story reflected in Scooter 'n' Oaks, from the day of adoption to naming their kitties. Four five and six-year-olds ask to hear the story over and over ("A heartwarming story my 5-year old can't get enough of.") and 7 to 10 year-olds fancy the hands-on section at the back of the book. The creative and education bonus feature includes coloring pages, a word search, crossword, spot-the-differences challenge, maze and more.

Although intended for children, adult feline fans thinking about adopting a pet and elderly folks who used to have a beloved animal enjoy this book!

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Phyllis Bartels

About Phyllis Bartels (Prescott, Arizona Author)

Phyllis Bartels

The author began her writing career after being dismissed from her teaching job. A professional educator for more than twenty years, she was fired due to disability. She was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease and continue treatment for it.

Her "boys" Scooter and Oaks gave her a reason to persevere and are the inspiration behind her writing. Scooter 'n' Oaks: A Cat Adoption Story, is a fictionalized account of their entry into her life. Due out this fall, the next in the series is a humor-filled professionally illustrated cartoon version book of rhyme that chronicles Scooter and Oaks' everyday shenanigans.

Phyllis Bartels grew up in Lincolndale, New York together with her family and cherished tabby, Snoopy. Her current cats, Scooter and Oaks have been with her since 2012. She is a member of the Professional Writers of Prescott and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She has been - and always will be - a cat person!