Scuba Dive Long Island – The Diver's Guide to the Beaches of Long Island, NY

Scuba Dive Long Island
168 Pages
ISBN 9781389017964

Explore the beach dive sites on Long Island, NY.

Danny Rivera

About Danny Rivera (Long Island, New York Author)

Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera is an avid scuba diver, Technical Diving Instructor, and owner of Good Life Divers, a small but growing company on Long Island offering dive courses, guided diving, equipment, and all around general SCUBA needs.

When not underwater, Danny can be found in the back of an ambulance providing medical care as a Paramedic. Danny is also a firefighter, an intrepid traveler, a standup paddle board captain, a jazz guitarist, a blogger, and now, the author of the best and only dive book his wife has ever read.

As a dive instructor, Danny has been interviewed for Scuba Diving Magazine and has written four nationally recognized scuba courses. Danny is best known for his Cuban espresso that he serves on the local Northeast dive boats. Danny resides in Oyster Bay, NY with his lovely wife and his two adorable children.