Second Act

Second Act
196 Pages
ISBN 978-1-61235-918-2

When Cassie Burns is widowed, her children think she should buy a condo and act like a grandmother. Instead she takes her first solo trip to Eagle River, WI.

Along the way she meets Kurt Troy, musician, whose touch makes her buzz with anticipation, and Will Harley who introduces her to the wonders of farm life. Cassie begins a dual existence of soul-affirming farm life with Will's caring family interspersed with intense romantic encounters with Kurt.

A misunderstanding forces Cassie to leave the farm and she impulsively moves in with Troy. Before a big musical awards night, In an effort to fit in with Troy's lifestyle, she becomes fanatical about vanity surgeries, exercise, pills and bulimia. She ends up in the hospital. As she recovers, she makes a decision about how she wants to play out her Second Act.

Rhonda Strehlow

About Rhonda Strehlow (Green Bay, Wisconsin Author)

Rhonda Strehlow

Rhonda Strehlow is an auction aficionado. Her home is filled with auction treasures. The Horton Auction series was conceived while attending an old farm auction. The barn still smelled of hay and cows. The wide front porch with it's rusted dinner bell brought to mind all of the people who had lived and loved in that worn building. It was clearly a story waiting to be written.

The Horton Auction series begins with One More Night, followed by Separate Lives. She is hard at work on the next two auction books, Crystal Moon and These Days. Rhonda's first published book, Second Act, is loosely based on an accidental encounter. Additionally, she has been researching a non-fiction leadership book for years. Completing that book is on the top of her bucket list.

Rhonda facilitates the Green Bay Area Writer Guild. The members of that group are her inspiration and support.

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