Seven Days in Carrington, Volume 4 – Seasons of Life, An Ode to Joe

Seven Days in Carrington, Volume 4
321 Pages
ISBN 9781718688988

Like the previous CARRINGTON novels, Volume 4 revisits the power and strength of family loyalty, ancestry, and the resolve of the human spirit. Spanning 88-years, the vonBrookes will travel to the New Germany, and take a brave stand when political correctness goes mad. Back in Carrington, the whole town is cheering on the familial Joe Carters -- who rise and fall to the cultural changes of the Great Depression, another World War, and the ’60s revolution with ordinary deeds of mercy, kindness, and courage in their walks of life. It's a story of two families with parallel but very different lives. In the end, they are drawn by common ideals, bonded together in Hamilton County and the provincial worldview of a changing Carrington. With similitude and historical honesty, the story creates a realistic time and place with characters so believable "you will feel like you have met them before," Templeman said.

The book’s cover iconic illustration, of an original Sears & Roebuck Mail Order House, is fashioned after an actual “Rockford Model,” a Catalog House still standing in Charlottesville, Templeman's home now. The author has an affection for old houses, beautiful geographic scenery, and is spoiled by the southern customs of kindness, gentility, and tradition. You’ll taste a ‘slice of your life’ in the fictional Carrington—and its delightful, endearing characters who come and go in the seven-part series.

The 23-chapter “Seasons of Life” is loosely based on characters and events in Templeman’s hometown of Marshall, Michigan.

Rebecca Templeman

About Rebecca Templeman (Marshall, Michigan Author)

Rebecca Templeman

Born and raised in historic Marshall, Michigan, Rebecca 'Becky' Templeman was educated at Colorado State University, where she earned a B.A. Degree in English with a minor study in Journalism. A professional background includes a career in bank marketing, (then The First National Bank of Colorado Springs), and licensure to sell real estate in 1988.

Becky's family relocated to Albemarle County, Virginia in 1993 where they raised grass-fed Beefmaster cattle on a sustainable 1,000-acre farm. From 1995 - 2000 Becky was the marketing director of the public service announcements and development projects at the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville. She holds real estate licenses in Colorado, Virginia, and Wyoming, first licensed in 1988. Her avocation is writing fiction, with a strong female-upward thrust and set in places that are familiar and friendly. Fascinated with setting and old houses surrounded by local color, Becky completed her debut novel in 2015 and published its sequel in 2017. Volume 3, SUMMER STORIES was released in July of 2017. Volume 4, SEASON OF LIFE, An Ode to Joe was published in May 2018. Volume 5 IF STATUES COULD SPEAK is due out in May 2019.