Seven Days in Carrington, Volume 3 – Summer Stories

Seven Days in Carrington, Volume 3
168 Pages
ISBN 9781546868620

AS SOOTHING AS A SUMMER BREEZE, this gentle nuance melds a delightful familiarity with some new faces in lovable old Carrington. As the limousine of the late 20th Century passes by, take the time to graze on the scenery of our youth. In the back sto­ries on this well-traveled road of life, fading memories, like the sun­rise, still shine brightly.

Reminiscent of a memoir, Volume 3, THE SUMMER STORIES chronicle the innocence of youth and the cultural mores of the 20th Century. The familiar settings are inspired by the author's childhood, impressionable first cousins, and the Grandmother's summer lakeside cottage. Fascinated by history, local color, and old houses, her lyrical style strikes a chord between sentimental realism and an 0 Henry-like endearment; the heartfelt collection of nine stories creates a harmonious melody.

The Brooks Memorial Fountain, c. 1930 on the cover, is a wonder of architec­tural form, water and light, an iconic symbol of Marshall, Michigan, Templeman's hometown­and the seedbed for the memories of her youth, community pride, and small town hospitality.

Rebecca Templeman

About Rebecca Templeman (Marshall, Michigan Author)

Rebecca Templeman

Born and raised in historic Marshall, Michigan, Rebecca 'Becky' Templeman was educated at Colorado State University, where she earned a B.A. Degree in English with a minor study in Journalism. A professional background includes a career in bank marketing, (then The First National Bank of Colorado Springs), and licensure to sell real estate in 1988.

Becky's family relocated to Albemarle County, Virginia in 1993 where they raised grass-fed Beefmaster cattle on a sustainable 1,000-acre farm. From 1995 - 2000 Becky was the marketing director of the public service announcements and development projects at the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville. She holds real estate licenses in Colorado, Virginia, and Wyoming, first licensed in 1988. Her avocation is writing fiction, with a strong female-upward thrust and set in places that are familiar and friendly. Fascinated with setting and old houses surrounded by local color, Becky completed her debut novel in 2015 and published its sequel in 2017. Volume 3, SUMMER STORIES was released in July of 2017. Volume 4, SEASON OF LIFE, An Ode to Joe was published in May 2018. Volume 5 IF STATUES COULD SPEAK is due out in May 2019.