Sharp Bites – And Other Pesky Poems

Sharp Bites
84 Pages
Byjackiejenson LLC
ISBN 978-0998273204

Children's book author J.S. Jenson's latest book, Sharp Bites and Other Pesky Poems, takes on the tweenage years giving them an opportunity to laugh out loud about everything from surviving middle grade math to eating spaghetti with a spoon.

There is even a poem about a pickle making a break for the door. With entire chapters dedicated to Squirmy School stuffs, the poetry book offering also comes complete with a few Precarious Pickles, a couple of Harried Haikus and even some Panicked Pancakes, all written in an authentically funny and "sharp" middle school voice that uses rhyme, rhythm and cadence to reach her discerning audience.

J.S. Jenson

About J.S. Jenson (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

J.S. Jenson

J.S. (Jackie) Jenson is a Children's Book Author, Freelance Writer, Educator and Newspaper veteran located in northwestern Minnesota. Inspired by the many children's books she read as a child, J.S. began writing her own stories as far back as the third grade, in an effort to make the stories she read keep going.

After receiving a B.A in English Writing, Jenson wrote for various newspaper and magazines before returning to her passion: Children's Literature with her publication of Jon and the Soggy Leaf and Sharp Bites and Other Pesky Poems. Today, as a mother of three, she has added her children’s comedic perspective to her stories, offering up additional material for her stories.

''Many of the stories I've written were created after trying to come up with extra bedtime material for my daughters, who never wanted story time to be done. We called these additional tales, 'stories from my head'- something my kids requested nightly.''

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