Sherrie's Favorite Pantry Mixes 1 – Breads and Desserts

Sherrie's Favorite Pantry Mixes 1
70 Pages
ISBN 1537219065

This is the black and white edition of Sherrie's Favorite Pantry Mixes: Breads and Desserts, first published in full color. Learn how to make home-made pantry mixes that can save you time in the kitchen and money at the grocery store. With 13 pantry mixes, 65 supporting recipes, plus variations that can be applied to many of the recipes, this title offers the family cook an opportunity to entertain on a budget with delicious baked goods for friends and family, in a matter of minutes. You will also find scripture cards focused on the bountiful blessings of our Creator, throughout. Mixes include the following: Dinner Roll Mix, White Bread Mix, Beer Bread Mix, Cornbread Mix, Quick Fruit Bread Mix, Pizza Crust Mix, Oatmeal Mix, Versatile Mix, Dessert Topping Mix, Donut Mix, Brownie Mix, Cookie Mix, and Pie Shell Mix.

Sherrie Giddens

About Sherrie Giddens (St. Charles, Missouri Author)

Sherrie Giddens

Sherrie Giddens is a dedicated author for women and their families. Offering titles in various genres, she brings her life experiences to the written word in a way that celebrates an individual's many facets. As an author, she reaches into the heart of readers, offering them a reason to keep turning the pages of her fiction and nonfiction titles.

Among her titles you will find contemporary Christian works, humorous and light-hearted looks at life, recipe books, Christian nonfiction, secular fiction and nonfiction title, as well as children's books.

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