Something Santa This Way Comes and other Christmas Stories

Something Santa This Way Comes and other Christmas Stories
160 Pages

A mysterious gift under the Christmas tree. An odd snowman in the yard. Adults who begin fanatically believing in Santa Claus. Immerse yourself in these unique season’s greetings in this collection of Christmas stories in various genres, from humor to psychological thriller.

"Something Santa This Way Comes" A young couple is shocked to find a mysterious present under the tree marked as “From Santa”. Drama.

"Married by Merry Christmas" A young man searches for love in time for the holidays. Humor.

"The Snowman from Out the Window" The sight of an unusual snowman troubles a mother home alone. Psychological thriller.

"Mary’s Cadavers and Dummies" A young woman in massage school strives to squeeze in her massage practice during the holidays, regardless of rain, night, or danger. Humor.

"Christmas Sunday" A man’s circumstances lead him into an unusual church on Christmas Sunday where he hears a message he never expected. Humor.

"Just Passing Through" A college student travels home for Christmas, hoping to accomplish something important on the way. Drama.

"The Villain from the South Pole" Santa’s arch-enemy lives in exile at the South Pole, but grows in strength. With his band of flying penguins, he seeks revenge on Christmas Eve. Humor.

"Christmas with a Stranger: The Tale of Vicki Devane" A woman receives an unwelcomed visitation. This story takes place in the Christmas Future universe. Dark thriller.

"Santa Fever" Adults begin believing in Santa Claus, and the belief is spreading. Who or what can stop the pandemic of Santa Fever? Drama.

"Christmas Wine" Newlyweds plan to splurge on an expensive bottle of wine to enjoy on Christmas, but first they have to survive their last shift in Christmas retail! Humor.


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Xantor is the author of "Something Santa This Way Comes and other Christmas Stories," featuring stories in various genres, from humor to psychological thriller. He is author of the Christmas Fantasy Mystery novel "Christmas Future" and of the Christian Superhero novel "Powers from the First Realm."

His music is "A Date With You," which includes "Slaughterville" and "Say it in Text." "Slaughterville" is the official town theme song of Slaughterville, Oklahoma.

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