Starting Your Book – A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

Starting Your Book
135 Pages
ISBN 9780981627816

Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page gives you a key to writing the book of your heart that has less to do with techniques than with the essential ingredient for your book's creative expression and fulfillment: what's inside YOU.

Writing a book can be a source of joy, discovery, compassion, and connection with your essential nature. Starting a book is not a formula you need to learn. It's an organic growth that can only come out of you. This deeply encouraging book about writing a book assumes that what's inside the writer is what makes the book valuable and the process of writing a book worthwhile. Where most writing books focus on the product alone, this intimate companion highlights the PERSON doing the writing. As you get more and more acquainted with what's inside you,you'll find that writing your book flows easily, surprising and frequently delighting you with what -- and who -- you find.

Starting Your Book will:

  • Encourage you that there's a way to write a book that actually provides joy and satisfaction as an intrinsic part of the self-exploration process
  • Assure you that if you are called to write a book, you have within you what you need to do it
  • Reveal how your own unique creative pathways (those inspiring openings native to you) can be cultivated, and turned to again and again
  • Convince you that you are essential to the book that has taken root in your heart -- and this this is the true gift you offer your reads.

Starting Your Book will show you how to find, treasure, and use what is in you to write the book of your heart.

Naomi Rose

About Naomi Rose (Oakland, California Author)

Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose is the creator of a holistic approach to writing called "Writing from the Deeper Self," which she uses in her own writing and to help clients who engage her to help them write books. As a book developer, she brings a lifetime of love of reading and self-exploration (psychological, spiritual, and artistic) to her clients, as well as over 30 years in the book publications field.

Naomi was born into a family of writers, and still remembers what it was like to be a child raised within the atmosphere of such passionate writers and book-readers. The family bookcase was an open treasure-house, and she was given free access to any and all volumes housed there. As a result, she routinely read novels and stories well beyond her comprehension; and what she lost in intellectual understanding (until much later, when collegiate academics replaced that early magic), she gained in the sheer livingness of the atmospheres created by engaged and sensitive writers.

Although she spent much of her early life trying not to be a writer, life took her through a side door for many years (she was a nonfiction and fiction editor, then a self-initiated book developer) before her yearning to rediscover her true nature led her back to writing, but now in a healing, even sacred way. What she learned about writing (which, to a great degree, is about listening), she has been able to pass on to her clients and readers as a way of, essentially, blessing. Naomi is also an artist, singer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, seeker, and friend. She is married to the Oakland-based poet, Ralph Dranow.