Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction

Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction
268 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9896979-6-5

A bizarre journey born of unforeseen circumstances and questionable decisions . . . Best friends, Thomas and Lee, discover that the line between sanity and flat-out nuts is indeed a thin one, as they take to the Florida highways and byways to deliver a treadmill of questionable value to a family member at the behest of Thomas' mother.

Along the way, Thomas, ever the doubter, and Lee, ever the free spirit, inadvertently end up in a town called Yeehaw Junction . . . and it is here they witness what can only be described as falling through the air in a strange dream: Jell-O wrestling matches, an imaginary dog with a drinking problem, and four hunters on a maniacal quest to bag the elusive jackalope.

Still, through it all, Thomas and Lee find romance in the small town--indeed true love--and a peek into their intrinsic natures, realizing that not everything, including one's emotions, are as clear as they may seem on the surface.

Rick Sanders

About Rick Sanders (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Rick Sanders

Rick Sanders is a retired art teacher and a professional artist. He's been writing most of his adult life--mostly blogs--but he was getting pressure from his readers to write a book. Rick took an early retirement so he had more time to write this book. His first novel, 'Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction,' was published in 2013. It's a humorous story about two college grads who embark on a road trip that goes horribly awry.

Despite the light-hearted and crazy storyline of his book, there are underlying currents about our own state of humanity, and how people cope under pressure in different circumstances. In short, it's a great work of literary fiction.

Rick has continued to explore literary fiction in his new book, The Walking Bridge' which is a more serious book--an urban thriller. He is currently working on his third novel, which will be a Horror/Romance.

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