Successful Strokes – A Realistic Guide to Creating a Lucrative Massage Business

Successful Strokes
266 Pages
ISBN 9780692440551

The purpose of this book is to help people succeed at doing work they love.If you love doing massage but have felt uncomfortable about the marketing and management part of having your own business, this book is for you.You will learn a variety of ways of promoting yourself, both to new clients and the ones you already have. Everyone is unique, so it's important to find ways of doing this that feel right to you. Depending on your personality you will find the methods that appeal to you and feel most natural.

Leaning how to present yourself to your clients by playing to your strengths is key in creating a place they will view as their sanctuary. There are a lot of things many therapists are unaware of that are discussed in depth.The author, with three decades of experience in the field of massage shares anecdotes from her journey of trial and error, sharing the lessons she learned with the reader. It is full of stories that both teach and entertain.

The book includes three exclusive interviews that give additional perspectives. Ed Lark is a massage therapist and instructor who has taught in the US and in France and shares his story of how he grew his business from the beginning, as well as things he has observed about being in this field.Ona Goodrich is a massage therapist who also practices acupuncture and discusses her strategies and observations as she was building her clientele.Roberta Ryan, a business coach who specializes in solo practitioners and people in the healing arts shares the mistakes she has seen people make and how, through her coaching, she has helped them turn their vulnerabilities into strengths. The stories these people tell show many more approaches to building a solo practice.You will learn how to map out your own strategy that will help you navigate the highs and lows of having your own business.

Molly Kurland

About Molly Kurland (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Molly Kurland

Molly has worked in the field of massage for over 20 years. She started with a solo private practice developing success strategies which inspired the content of this book. She eventually expanded the business into a day spa that included aesthetics and a gift shop. She uses her years of business experience as well as her background in psychology to show that having a successful solo practice involves a lot more than marketing. There are a great many subtleties that go into having a business that is both appealing to the public and deeply satisfying for the therapist. To learn more visit: