Tales from the Eerie Canal – 22 Stories of the Delightfully Dark and Creepy

Tales from the Eerie Canal
221 Pages
ISBN 978-1734935578

MURDER BY TOILET PLUNGER. REVENGE BY PIE. A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A TRIP TO HELL. A TEACHER TORMENTED BY AUTUMN LEAVES. Twenty-two stories infested with a gaggle of goosebumps and delightfully creepy twists. A Twilight Zone of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and romance—a ghost obsessed with a view from his tub, a candy store haunted by a demon, the job of a lifetime offered to just one body part, and a vampire bitten by love.

Tales from the Eerie Canal weaves an eclectic collection of the delightfully disturbing. The sinister mystery of Edgar Allan Poe twisted with the dark humor of Edward Gorey. Bites of psychological horror sprinkled with bits of the absurd—a head massage that alters lives, a subway station where time goes off-track, an assisted living facility catering to the deceased, and an elderly woman dead-set on leaving nothing behind.

Darkly brilliant morsels of the macabre teeter on the edge of reality—a holiday meal of murder as the main course, a wandering mind in search of a home, and a crying wind that torments for twenty years.

Fear the shadows. Enjoy the ride. Leave the lights on.

Barbara Rein

About Barbara Rein (The Villages, Florida Author)

Barbara Rein

Barbara Rein debuted her first book series in fourth grade, The Adventures of Cassandra McGillicuddy in Outer Space, complete with stick figures drawings. Admonished by her teacher for doing book reports on her own books (and didn't she have chutzpah), she put writing aside for years while stories piled up in her head. One day she opened her laptop and out they poured. She's now an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author. She lives with her husband and dachshund, traveling with a well-packed suitcase between New York and Florida. Barbara writes strange, fantastical, and downright weird short stories. Darkly brilliant tales that teeter on the edge of reality. Reimagined nightmares concocted from a childhood diet of macabre fairy tales and endless episodes of Twilight Zone. She also writes chuckle-inducing personal essays inspired by the quirks and oddities that bounce her way.