The AOA (Season 1 : Episode 1) – The Agents of Ardenwood

The AOA (Season 1 : Episode 1)
134 Pages
ISBN 1393878679

Welcome to the AOA. Clock in, clock out forever.

For Becca, being a loner with the power to control earth, doesn’t fit the high school norm. Struggling daily with a relentless bully, the predator becomes a victim spiraling her world out of control. When push comes to shove, everything comes with a price.

In Ardenwood, crime is handled differently, rules are in place. When it comes to the superpowered, minor offenses can easily bring death. Through a legal loophole, Becca is ultimately forced to join those she despises. Soon, the casual life she wanted to escape will be the one thing she wishes she had back.

In the night, dangerous foes come to play, and schemes are hatched. As a mysterious issue at the border draws attention, the AOA will find that chaos of the most devilish kind is never far from sight. Stumbling into the path of villainy, a murderous plot is uncovered. Can a fresh recruit unmask a killer before it’s too late or will Becca’s first day be her last?

Racing to avoid becoming the town's newest crime scene, she’ll discover that new job jitters can be brutal and that learning the ropes may end up costing more than a day’s pay.

Kester James Finley

About Kester James Finley (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Kester James Finley

As a Florida native, Kester Finley grew up and around the backwoods of Zephyrhills. The country life with its slower pace, and with its mix of colorful characters eager to share, inspired him to write.

Fascinated by the unknown, the supernatural, he has spent time studying all forms of paranormal activity and history while being fully immersed in the world of superheroes and magic holding his head high as a geek, a lover of comics, and a damn good role player.

He now lives in Spring Hill, Florida whiling away the hours writing, trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, and focusing on a return to his roots, nature, and the mystery of life beyond the veil.