The Better Business Book – 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By

The Better Business Book
350 Pages
ISBN 1981209611

If you’re like me, you probably have 100+ business books on your shelf collecting dust. Some of them you’ve read, some of them you had hopes of reading, but life just got in the way. Each of those books probably followed a theme and had one important underlying message to share with you. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, but only one golden nugget of underlying wisdom.

All that reading for just one golden nugget.

Imagine if you could have one book that gave you 100 golden nuggets. Less dust. Less clutter. Just one book to always have by your side and reference whenever you need to. Well, that’s The Better Business Book. It’s your one-stop shop for crystal-clear business advice that you can use to grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

The Better Business Book is better than your average business book. That’s how we came up with the title. It consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. Each time you read it, you will learn something new. Guaranteed.

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Tyler Wagner

About Tyler Wagner (Miami, Florida Author)

Tyler Wagner

Tyler Wagner is the founder of Authors Unite where he helps people write, publish, and market their first profitable book. He has helped people create passive income, become leaders in their field, start businesses from their books, and much more. Since starting Authors Unite, he has helped 250+ people become profitable, bestselling authors. He is also the bestselling author of Conference Crushing, a book designed to help businesspeople and entrepreneurs maximize their ROI at networking events, conventions and conferences.

When Tyler was 21 he dropped out of college to intern under Jayson Gaignard (Founder of MastermindTalks). He got to see behind the scenes of how an amazing conference should be put together. He later realized that a lot of people were not maximizing their time at networking events. So, he decided to write Conference Crushing. The book has helped thousands of people maximize their ROI at events.

When he wrote Conference Crushing, it was a struggle. During his first book launch, he stayed up for 72+ hours straight to make sure everything went smooth. Due to his book's success, he decided to start helping others launch their own books.

Becoming an author had changed his life and he wanted the same for others. He knew it didn't have to be as stressful for other people to do it as well. He had already gone through all the hurdles. That's when Authors Unite was born.

Tyler is now a leading authority in helping others publish and market their first profitable book. His passion is in helping others spread their message with the world through the written word. He helps people accomplish this through his programs, coaching, and professional speaking.

You can learn more about him and Authors Unite at

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