The Burden of Hate – An Annie Collins Mystery

The Burden of Hate
218 Pages
Routt Street Press
ISBN 978-0-9992461-1-5

Revenge. Hate. Fear. Not exactly traditional wedding gifts. The wedding plans are in motion with Angel's mother laser-focused on micromanaging her first-born's wedding into the event of the century. When convicted killer Ian Patterson escapes from prison, operating room nurse Annie Collins and her fiancé, assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros, are forced to confront these realities head-on. Will Ian Patterson’s quest for revenge toward the two people responsible for sending him to prison—Annie Collins and Angel Cisneros—bring them face to face to settle the score once and for all?

In book three of the Annie Collins Mystery Series, everything comes into question. When it comes to wedding vows and murder, how far would you go for someone you love? Find out why Kirkus Reviews calls The Burden of Hate “a thriller that offers a master class in suspense.”

Helen Starbuck

About Helen Starbuck (Denver, Colorado Author)

Helen Starbuck

Colorado native, OR nurse, and award-winning author of The Annie Collins Mystery Series, Helen Starbuck lives in Arvada, Colorado. She writes her contemporary mysteries, set in Denver, from the perspective of Annie Collins, an OR nurse. Her contemporary suspense/crime novels, Legacy of Secrets, Finding Alex, and The Woman He Used to Know, are also set in Denver.