The Constitution – A Revolutionary Story

The Constitution
304 Pages
IPG Press
ISBN 978-0996085335

We just love to argue about politics, and our social media feeds tell us that today's political discourse volume dial is perpetually turned to 11. We argue, debate, scream and shout, unfriend, unfollow, and throw the occasional tantrum in the Wal-Mart Arts and Crafts aisle.

The most interesting thing is that much of our collective ranting is based on a knowledge platform of, well, not as much as we might like. In fact, I figure that 173.19 trillion of us have never actually read the Constitution. OK, admittedly that number might be more of an estimate than a carefully researched fact. 

Why do we never seem to get around to digesting the national instruction book? Probably because it's somewhat boring to read as it's full of words like "attainder" and "emoluments." I don't know about you, but I've never seen the word "attainder" before, not even on the Master's Series of Wheel of Fortune. 

That's precisely why I wrote The Constitution - A Revolutionary Story. I had an ambitious goal: to make the Constitution's history and meaning so simple that even a career politician could understand it. I know, it's not just an adventure; it's my job.

Enjoy! Check that self-education item off your to-do list and have some serious fun in the process!

Tom McHale

About Tom McHale (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

Tom McHale

Tom McHale is a committed learning junkie always seeking a new subject victim. As a lifelong student of whatever grabs his attention on any particular day, he thrives on beating rabbit trails into submission. In between his time as a high-tech marketing executive, restaurant owner, and hamster cosmetology practitioner, he's published seven books and nearly 1,500 articles.

For Tom, learning is only half the fun - the other half is sharing his experiences with readers using his trademark "half-cocked but right on target" style.