The Coward – The Miller sons

The Coward
255 Pages
ISBN 978-1548159870

He was built to be a hero-- tall, athletic and handsome. Jack Miller seemingly had the world at his feet. As an upperclassman in college, he enjoyed everything the campus had to offer: freedom, creativity, few responsibilities and girls...lots of beautiful co-eds. He relished his simple world of a few close friends, family and sports. However, one night at a popular campus bar with his friends would change his life forever and catapult him in to a dangerous complex society that he was wholly unprepared to meet.

As a witness to several horrific murders, Jack's comfortable existence is threatened and he is forced to face unimaginable truths. Throughout his life, Jack had seen himself as the 'hero' figure based on popular cultural beliefs of the ideal physical man. However, when he meets a girl who draws him into a dark and dangerous world, Jack's comfortable existence is threatened and his conception of himself as a hero is challenged. He must learn what it really means to be a hero, and what truly causes a person to act heroically or cowardly.

"The Coward" is a fast-paced thriller that urges the reader to follow Jack through difficult transitional phases of self-indulgence to self-sacrifice and real love. Jack's formidable trek into the criminal underworld and on the run, will compel the reader to explore the complexities of courage and cowardice.

Tim F. Miller

About Tim F. Miller (Newnan, Georgia Author)

Tim F. Miller

Tim F. Miller was born and raised in the heart of the Bluegrass of Kentucky. Tim F. Miller has been an educator for the past 28 years with a voracious appetite for reading—especially historical non-fiction works. Tim F. Miller received a BA in Political Science and History at University of Kentucky and MA at State University of West Georgia.

In 2017, Tim F. Miller published the first book of a trilogy, The Coward, which is a fast-paced suspense thriller that examines the psychological fight or flight phenomenon. Jack Miller, college student, witnesses the brutal murder of two friends on campus but is paralyzed in fear to act. Worse, the killers saw him and know who he is. They chase is on and follows him to his hometown where he must face his worst fears or lose his family.

In 2018, the much anticipated sequel, The Courageous, was published that picks up from the cliffhanger ending of The Coward and follows Jack's brother, Luke, through the tumultuous nightmare with unexpected results.

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