The Daily Dare – Life is a Journey - I DARE you to live it!

The Daily Dare
149 Pages
ISBN 9798647506535

Do you ever dare to dream that there's more to your life than the status quo? That if you were to take on a dare to dive deeper into your faith that you may just find yourself a little freer, a little happier, and dare I say, a little more empowered to live the life that God wants you to have?

Then go ahead, take my DARE! Get this book, grab a cup of coffee or tea, along with a journal, and then I DARE you to settle in and begin the journey of The Daily Dare!

Go on, what have you go to lose? Or maybe the better question is 'imagine what you've got to gain?'

Linda Kaye

About Linda Kaye (Jacksonville, Florida Author)

Linda Kaye

Linda lives with her husband, two children, and dogs in sunny Jacksonville Florida. Having grown up in Great Britain, however, she has experienced life on both sides of the Atlantic.

Linda truly believes that life is for living and has certainly traveled through the valley of death and back to prove that. Today she wants you to find the same joy and vibrance of life and DARES you to trust God as you do that!

The Daily Dare is Linda's first book, with The Daily Dare for Eating Disorders coming soon.