The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, A Journey into Love – Part One - In the Beginning

The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, A Journey into Love
290 Pages
ISBN 978-5043-5635-0

Take a journey with Darien and his spirit guide, Sundeep, from pre-birth into the after-life. In The Darien Chronicles: Object for Reflection: A Journey into Love, Part One –In the Beginning, walk with him as he leaves behind vague recollections of being a cast off and develops his rules for survival in the drama of an adoptive family where secrets thrive. Be with him as he struggles to separate truth from fiction and find his own soul.

Is Sundeep real or imaginary? Is Darien who he is seen to be or is there more to who he is? Who can he trust? The appearance of things suggests no one, as he cautiously formulates a plan to fit in and be accepted. Circumstances bring Darien, a four-year old boy, into a working class family that includes an older boy who causes him to question himself and shakes his very foundation as a boy wanting, desperately, to become a man. Darien finds refuge and a reflection of who he is in a secret friend, Sundeep. But does he believe what he hears? Or do the other influences and experiences he encounters speak louder to him? Find out. Perhaps you’ll even find yourself in this story. And this is just the beginning!

"Simply but beautifully written! A unique revealing of spiritual truths, weaved through a coming of age tale of a young boy’s journey through uncertain times." Mary Morrissey, founder of Life Mastery Institute

"This is a story of great tenderness and vulnerability, of a boy's heart laid bare, and his internal ache to be witnessed. He is on a journey, The Journey, one that we must all take to the center of our being. If we let it, his journey can offer us hope and inspiration for our own." Rima Bonario, Th.D., co-author of Who Have You Come Here to BE? 101 Possibilities for Contemplation

Steven Howard

About Steven Howard (The Villages, Florida Author)

Steven Howard

Steven Howard has a master's degree from the "school of hard knocks," having traveled his own journey through despair and addiction into recovery. He is currently working on mastery of living life in the moment, listening to that still, small voice within as he does the work he has come here to do.

Steven has been studying the craft of writing for over twenty years. He has a master's in Counseling Psychology and over forty years as a student and teacher of metaphysical teachings. He is a certified "Q" coach, a co-author and publisher of "Heart-Shaped Prayers," and author of two published books that are part of a trilogy of metaphysical novels: 1)"The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, A Journey into Love (Part One - In the Beginning)" and 2) "The Daren Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, A Journey into Love (Part Two - Into the Wasteland)." His work has also been published in "Journeys X - An Anthology of Award-Winning Stories." He lives with his wife, Paula, in Central Florida.