The Fortune Teller on the Train – Prequel to The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie

The Fortune Teller on the Train
60 Pages

“It took two centuries and two bright kids to begin to bring our cultures together.” Louis Annance, former Chief, Western Maine Band Abenaki Indians

Ten-year-old Eva Norton and her family are about to leave their farm in Virginia for a trip across America by train and covered wagon to homestead in Colorado before it was a state. But leaving home means saying good-bye to her family, friends, and especially Aunt Helen.

What will the future hold? Will her family find food to eat and a good place to build a cabin? Who will they meet? Are there native Indians there?

On the train ride to Kansas City, Eva witnesses a crime and learns how to tell the truth without needing to use words. Then she meets Madam Romanoff, a fortune teller from Romania. Here she is given hints about the future and she can’t wait to begin her adventures

John W. Norton

About John W. Norton (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

John W. Norton

John is a Maine native who has lived in Charlotte for the last ten years with his life partner and fishing buddy Helen.

John is trained as a biochemist, worked in research, and an executive in public health and business. He has taught and lectured in colleges. For the past ten or more years he has been an antique dealer where he sharpened his skills in telling tall tales.

John began his writing career two years ago when he decided to write a "chapter book" with his granddaughter Eva, age eight. She lives in Colorado and this was a way to stay in contact. One hundred and sixty thousand words later, we have written a six book series, "The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie." The books are set in Colorado before it became a state. The series is introduced by a prequel, "The Fortune Teller on the Train."

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