The Marquess' Christmas Lily – Regency Novella Book 1

The Marquess' Christmas Lily
55 Pages

On the eve of his Grand Tour of the Continent, Charles shares an unexpected kiss with his childhood friend Lily. A year later Charles returns to England due to the death of his father. The old marquess controlled his son’s life and attempts to do so even in death. Charles must have an arranged marriage to his childhood friend or lose his fortune.

Lily grew up in a happy household and knows she loves her friend. Charles’ parents couldn’t stand the sight of each other and lived separate lives. He isn’t sure what married love is.

A journal of Charles’ travels may hold the answer to whether these friends live happily ever after or whether they made the biggest mistake of their lives.

Angelina Jameson

About Angelina Jameson (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Angelina Jameson

Born into a very large family in Las Vegas, NV, I joined the USAF to see the world.

After an assignment to England, I returned to the USA with a husband and a love of the Regency era.

I currently live in Alaska with my husband and two teenage boys.