The Monster Dog - Tasse's Diary of Secrets

The Monster Dog - Tasse's Diary of Secrets
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7345885-7-6

Secrets, secrets, secrets! So many of them! In the third book of The Monster Dog series, Tasse shares her private thoughts and stories with her best friend, ‘Dear Diary.’ Sometimes a little bit naughty, this slightly high-maintenance Shih Tzu spends her time and energy fooling her person, Carmen. “Ha, Ha, Ha,” she says, “I have fooled her again.”

She confesses “I often pretend I cannot hear Carmen when she calls me!” When she is found in her secret hiding place she admits, “I smile to myself as I pretend to be asleep…”

One day, when Carmen checks on her in the backyard, she is lying in the sunny grass faking a nap. When Carmen turns away, Tasse goes on a great doggy adventure. “I knew I had time, Dear Diary,” to go up on the forbidden garden terrace. “I could smell the rabbits and birds, but I was very careful to not walk on the flowers.” She sneaks down just past the rhubarb plant and gleefully exclaims, “I don’t think she will even suspect I had this grand adventure.”

Tasse also shares a dream from the night before. “You know how I love to jump in the air and catch balls.” In the dream, she is playing centerfield for the Heavenly Hounds and catching the winning ball as the crowd cheers “Yay Tasse!” The Heavenly Hounds defeat the Mighty Mutts to win the World Series!

While playful, there are many things for children to learn from Tasse’s adventures. Caregivers and teachers will find many openings for further discussions. One such story is when Tasse shares with Dear Diary she was bullied and scared by a big dog “who made fun of my small size and even the pink ribbon I was wearing.”

Illustrated by Katie Hunderdosse, each story is accompanied by bright and dynamic illustrations, which will keep children joyfully turning the pages for the next adventure hidden inside THE MONSTER DOG….TASSE’S DIARY of SECRETS.

Carmen Tribbett

About Carmen Tribbett (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Carmen Tribbett

Carmen Tribbett taught sixth grade, was a registered nurse and taught nursing skills at Riverland Community College. She lives in Austin, Minnesota, with the real "Monster Dog," who continues to be an inspiration for her writing.