The Prophet – Intro to The Kota Series

The Prophet
100 Pages
ISBN 978-1547228447

Hazen Stephenson grew up pampered, and he knows it. But he’s never had it easy. Hazen’s nightmares aren’t merely products of his imagination, and he wrestles daily with guilt, responsibility, and questions of fate. Setting off across the globe, he meets people he’s dreamed about and changes their lives…for better and for worse.

Then he meets Renny Nado, who never dreamed her creative writing degree would amount to much. But a people called 'The Kota' say her gifts point to an important destiny, and she must convince Hazen of their purpose.

Meanwhile, the world is full of pain, hate, and political upheaval. Should they accept what the Kota say about the future and their place in it? Or should they keep their heads out of the clouds?

Sunshine Somerville

About Sunshine Somerville (Detroit, Michigan Author)

Sunshine Somerville

Sunshine Somerville is from the beachy side of Michigan. She has a degree in English Literature and self-published her first book at the ripe old age of nine.

"The Kota Series" is a Science Fantasy epic based on childhood obsessions with X-Men, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, and A Wrinkle in Time.

"The Alt-World Chronicles" is Sunshine’s new Urban Fantasy series, inspired by weird recurring dreams and a brainstorming session in the shower.

"A Fairly Fairy Tale" is Sunshine’s first MG Fantasy book. She got the idea from her family’s crest, which portrays a dragon shooting flames from both ends, and from a little girl whose second favorite word is farts.

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