The Singing Bone

The Singing Bone
275 Pages
Kennedy Literary
ISBN 9781681012100

Liam Stone operates within a band of emotion that never touches his self imposed safety limits; no severe pain, yet no great joy. The death of his widowed Mother in an automobile accident and a meeting with his Father’s best friend, a Catholic priest, convince him that he is aware of only a small portion of who his parents truly were. He learns of the existence of a group of ledgers that his Father had hidden.

He finds the ledgers, but can’t read number eleven. A severe case of tinnitus stops him every time he touches the book. Each bout with the ledger loosens images of people and events from the 19th and early 20th century, including his Father as a young man. He starts to remember names and stories that no one had ever told him.

His memories go back three generations to an 1850 North Atlantic crossing from New Ross to New Orleans. He stops work on his second book of poetry and writes a novel formed from these images. After the novel's publication, Liam has a shocking revelation.

William E. Kennedy

About William E. Kennedy (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

William E. Kennedy

Bill Kennedy started writing stories as a child. He hid them in his closet until a teacher told him that writing needs to be shared. He graduated from St. Bernard’s grade school and Spalding Institute in Peoria, Illinois, received his BA in Political Theory from the College of St. Thomas and his MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

He spent many years researching fashion trends around the world for department stores and apparel manufacturers. He and his wife have taught creative writing to students ranging from 3rd grade to 93 years old. The lesson plan does not change much.

His writing ranges from middle-grade chapter books to adult historical fiction. He lives in Jamestown, ND and raises funds for the James River Valley Library System, The best small rural library since Ptolemy founded the Alexandria Library in the 3rd Century BC. Bill's work is heavily influenced by documents and memories.

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