The Tyler Files #3 – My Nose Is Running!

The Tyler Files #3
80 Pages
First Light Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9754411-5-2

What's worse than a runny nose?

An actual, running nose!

When Tyler's nose goes running off, he must find a way to "save face" and discover the cause of a series of mysterious, and sometimes comical, events that could only happen to him.

Brian Rock

About Brian Rock (Richmond, Virginia Author)

Brian Rock

​ I am Brian Rock and I write funny books for kids. ​ As a former teacher, I know that reading proficiency is one of the best indicators of future success. And the best way to get kids interested in reading is to give them what they want. According to the Kids & Family Reading Report, 70% of kids want to read a book that will make them laugh and 54% want books that allow them to use their imagination.

So, all my books are at least 70% funny and 54% creative!

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