The Warrior's Bride – Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive

The Warrior's Bride
349 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62020-287-6

The call came down from Command and your warrior husband is out the door leaving you behind to handle whatever he has left undone. Whether it's the day-to-day monotony, the inevitable appliance that breaks, or the months without his presence beside you, being a military spouse brings challenges few appreciate.

Yet God sees you and longs for you to boldly step into His plan. He purposely chose you for this moment--for your man. He wants to give you more than what you have right now and desires you to thrive as your Warrior's Bride.

Practical tips to offer encouragement to wives in the specific challenges they face within the military lifestyle.

Kathy Barnett

About Kathy Barnett (Fayetteville, North Carolina Author)

Kathy Barnett

Kathy is a mountain girl at heart, having been raised in WV. She married her husband, Sam, right out of high school. Having always had a love of reading and writing, she pursued a degree in English Language and Literature while beginning their family. After teaching one year, the Lord called Kathy home to minister to her own children through homeschooling and to serve Sam while he was busy serving and deploying frequently in the US Army.

Kathy eagerly volunteers time within the military community through various organizations and opportunities to see military families strengthened. She regularly speaks to women's groups encouraging them in various roles. With nine children, and the recent addition of two grandchildren, Kathy's heart is drawn to specifically minister to wives and mothers through their different seasons of life.

She and her husband, recently retired from the military, reside near Ft. Bragg, NC where they actively serve families within their church and community. She loves running on long roads, reading long books, and having long conversations about what Jesus has done in her life. Her heart is to see people find freedom in Christ; her greatest joy is seeing that liberty become reality.

Carrie Daws

About Carrie Daws (Co-Author)

Carrie Daws

Over the years, God rewrote my dreams from being a corporate accountant to being a stay-at-home mom and a writer. Okay, so I came kicking and screaming part of the way, but I’m so thankful that God persisted.

I am a military wife. Or, more accurately, a former military wife. After Basic, two Tech Schools, three duty stations and ten years in the military, my husband medically retired. He is now a government employee on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, so we still get to hang out and support our active duty members.

We live near the post with our three children. Besides writing books, I homeschool and try to keep up with family and friends (and cram in as much reading as I can).