Thoughts for Evening Time – Devotions to Ponder

Thoughts for Evening Time
272 Pages
Aspen Run Press
ISBN 9781544273778

Faith is built in layers, learning to trust God in the little things—until we can trust fully for greater miracles. As tests become more difficult, God proves His mercy, faithfulness, and grace. Once formed, faith must be forged in order to be strengthened. Through hard life experiences, God has His way of teaching truth if we listen. He forges our faith if we trust. He strengthens our spirit and grants power to live another day no matter the circumstances.

God knows best how to form and forge faith just as the potter knows how to form and forge the clay. All we need to do is trust in His Hand and obey His prompting.

The true-life stories, devotional pieces, and poems in this book come from inspiration during quiet times with the Creator, Father God. He sparks imagination and inward thoughts as He teaches through His Word and life experiences. He brings enlightenment through ordinary things if we look and listen.

Thoughts for Evening Time is a book to give hope, encouragement, and refresh your faith. Over inspirational 135 true stories, testimonials, poems, and devotionals to uplift and encourage. Glean nuggets of truth to help and inspire you in your journey of life.

C.A. Simonson

About C.A. Simonson (Springfield, Missouri Author)

C.A. Simonson

C.A. Simonson began writing and submitting articles for magazines on what she knew – Christian education, how to motivate teachers and how children learn. Soon, she was churning out articles on a regular basis. It was not until her children were grown that she decided to write a novel as a legacy for them. Love’s Journey Home: The Search for Love was her debut novel based on true events from her immediate and extended families. It was published in 2013 as a Romance/Adventure/Coming-of-Age book. Love Looks Back: The Search for Siblings is a cozy mystery and family drama. One reviewer said, “It combines mystery and intrigue with family drama.” The third book in the trilogy is Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion, which brings all siblings back together again during the WWII era. It is book two in the Journey Home Series.

Candy has also has compiled and self-published an anthology of flash fiction called A Quick Read: One Minute Stories from all over the World. It features stories written in twenty-six sentences from A-Z. She recently published a nonfiction inspirational devotion book in collaboration with her sisters, as well as a children's coloring book with original artwork, poems, and stories.

When Candy is not writing or plotting another story, she enjoys crafting, playing piano, spray-paint art, and fishing in their backyard pond. She lives in the Midwest in the beautiful Ozarks. Her award-winning poetry and stories are published in seven anthologies, online content, and in magazines across the nation.