To Israel, With Love – A Journey of Discovery in History, Mystery, Travel, Relationships (Color 8X10)

To Israel, With Love
276 Pages
Buffalo Industries, LLC
ISBN 978-1883852061

I could not find any book that really prepared me for a trip to the Holy Land. I promised myself I would write one simple enough for anyone to understand: a guide that would explain some of the unexplained mysteries and collect all the various names for a place so it could be charted on a map.

I tried to write objectively -- but I am a Christian: born, raised, and remain in the Bible belt, so my perspective probably reveals unintended bias. I am not trying to convert anyone, just presenting the facts and letting the reader make their own conclusions.

Since this book is about travel and not intended to be scholarly, I won't burden the pages with sources and footnotes. My sources are very general and ordinary with a complete Bibliography at the end. This nonfiction book is fully illustrated with more than two hundred photos, mostly by the author, and many maps of the area and charts. More than a travelogue featuring Biblical events showing where each actually took place more than two thousand years ago, this will also prepares you for what it is like to visit that place now.

It is my hope this journal will at least in some small way provide information to make such a trip more rewarding for you, and that the book will be treasured as a historical record of travel in the late 20th century and early 21st. It took twenty years, two trips to Israel, tons of research, and now here it is. If you have ever dreamed of visiting this incredible country, this book is for you.

Carolyn B. Leonard

About Carolyn B. Leonard (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Author)

Carolyn B. Leonard

Carolyn B. Leonard is a popular speaker at organizations, fairs, and festivals, especially when talking about her favorite subjects, genealogy, travel, and writing.

A former rural newspaper editor, Leonard remained a commissioned writer for Persimmon Hill, the award-winning magazine of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for a dozen years. She is the author of WHO’S YOUR DADDY?, How to do genealogy from start to finish. She has always been fascinated with Israel and wrote the book, TO ISRAEL, WITH LOVE, now available in second edition with more than 200 photos. She is a contributing writer to several other books and publications. Her newest book, being handled by Ingram-Spark, will be available next month, EVERY TEN YEARS - The US Presidents, the Federal Census, and current events that influenced the lives of your ancestors from 1790 to 1950.

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