Twisted Virtues – Complex Lives

Twisted Virtues
234 Pages
Tamir A. Shaw
ISBN 1979308985

Twisted Virtues: Complex Lives follows the intertwining lives of several individuals as they face life's challenges.

Will Draven and Nadia be able to foster a strong relationship now that their lives have been bound together by an unexpected pregnancy?

Will Levi be able to recover from his injuries and leave his criminal past behind? Will Rakael be along for the journey? Have Sheyla and Tobias finally made it out of their financial storm?

Have the other members of the Pretty Girl Posse been able to overcome their difficult pasts?

Jump back into the adventure spawned by Twisted Virtues: Complicated Matters and have all of these pressing questions answered!

Tamir A. Shaw

About Tamir A. Shaw (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Tamir A. Shaw

Tamir Shaw is an American writer born in Marion, Ohio. She enjoys expressing herself through creative writing and finds joy in telling the stories of ordinary people. She is a devoted wife and mother of three.