Uprooting the Kingdom – A Novel

Uprooting the Kingdom
321 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5127-1064-9

"Uprooting the Kingdom" is very well-researched historical fiction about a family in first-century Judaea. It entertains, enlightens, and inspires its readers. This book provides interesting and useful background information which adds to readers' understanding of the New Testament.

Thomas Winn

About Thomas Winn (Austin, Texas Author)

Thomas Winn

The author is a retired mathematician and information technologist who also is a lifelong Bible scholar. Tom is very happily married to his wife, DeAnne. They have three adult children, and two adult grandchildren. Tom is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War as a United States Marine.

He lives in Austin, Texas, and enjoys playing fingerstyle guitar and clawhammer banjo. Tom regularly teaches classes about the Bible at his Lutheran congregation, where he also sings and plays worship music every week. "Uprooting the Kingdom" is his first novel. Tom currently is in the process of writing his second novel, which is a sequel.