Wheezer and the Golden Serpent – Mysteries From the Trail of Tears (Volume 3)

Wheezer and the Golden Serpent
382 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7321496-4-9

1843 in Indian Territory, an historic, never-before-done peace council is held at the capital of the Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah.

Chief John Ross invites all Indian tribes within running distance, even their long-time enemies, as well as the plains Indians. Thousands attend this "Uniting of Nations". Why would the Chief invite so many tribes?

Intrigue mounts at home while the young Cherokee, Sasa, after finishing her education, is presented in Boston for her first Social “Season”. Who is following her and Wheezer, her faithful Jack Russell?

Kitty Sutton

About Kitty Sutton (Springfield, Missouri Author)

Kitty Sutton

Kitty Sutton was born Kathleen Kelley to an Osage/Irish family. Both sides of her family were from performing families in Kansas City, Missouri and Kitty was trained from an early age in dance, vocal, art and musical instruments. Her father was a Naval band leader. During the Great Depression, her mother helped to support her family by tap dancing in the speakeasys even though she was just a child; she was very tall for her age but made up like an adult. Kitty had music and art on all sides of her family which ultimately helped to feed her imaginative mind and desire to succeed.

Kitty married a wonderful Cherokee artist from Oklahoma, in fact the very area that she writes about in her Wheezer series of novels. After raising her family, Kitty came to Branson, Missouri and performed in her own one woman show there for twelve years. To honor her father, she performed under the name Kitty Kelley. She has three music albums and several original songs to her credit and is best known for her comical, feel good song called, It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings. Kitty has been writing for many years and in 2011 Inknbeans published her historical Native American murder mystery. First in a line of stories featuring Wheezer, a Jack Russell Terrier and his Cherokee friend, Sasa, it is called, Wheezer And The Painted Frog. Following that first book she came out with Wheezer and the Shy Coyote and has named her series, Mysteries From the Trail of Tears. Her third book, Wheezer and the Golden Serpent was released in 2013. Her fourth book, Wheezer and the Giveaway Child, is being released by the end of 2016. Kitty lives in the southwestern corner of Missouri near Branson with her husband of 46 years, one rescued cat and her three Jack Russell Terriers, one of which is the real and wonderful Wheezer