Wilderness Meditations – 40 Devotions for Lent, Fasting, and Spiritual Growth

Wilderness Meditations
144 Pages
ISBN 978-1534666023

Wilderness Meditations is a book of devotions for reading and study during the 40 days of Lent. During prayer, the author, Dr. Donna Lane, received a prompting from Jesus to write Wilderness Meditations as a Lenten sacrifice of praise, instead of doing the more typical Lenten sacrifice of giving up something like a specific food or activity. Each morning, she would rise early, spend time in prayer and meditation, and then write what she felt the Lord was leading her to say for that day. As a result, the book contains devotions for each of the 40 days of Lent, along with devotions for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Even though the book was designed for use over Lent as a journey toward deeper relationship with Jesus in preparation for the celebration of Easter, it is also appropriate for times of fasting, and for general spiritual growth and development. It can be used individually, or in small groups as a study guide, as well as for spiritual growth retreats.

The focus of the devotions is on discovering the nature of God, developing an intimate, personal connection with Jesus, deepening your prayer life, and gaining a greater understanding of truth. Each devotion includes a theme for meditation for that day, all centering on the character of Christ. Each devotion and meditation can be easily completed in about 15 minutes, facilitating the reader's ability to complete the readings daily, even for those with busy schedules; however, for those individuals who want to deepen the experience, ample Scripture verses and opportunity for deeper reflection is available, as well as space for taking notes and exploring in prayer the themes presented.

Donna E. Lane

About Donna E. Lane (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Donna E. Lane

Dr. Donna E. Lane is an award-winning author, professor of counseling, and Christian Counselor. Her main specialty areas include trauma recovery, grief, and loss. Her experiences, both personally and professionally, inform her writing especially as she experienced adversity when her youngest son was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder. She walked through grief and loss when he passed away at age 17.

Professionally she has worked internationally with trauma survivors, including in Haiti following the devastating earthquake and in Newtown, Connecticut after the Sandy Hook shootings. She and her husband developed materials for trauma recovery which were used in Haiti and are now used around the world.

Donna has been married to David Lane since 1979. They enjoy co-writing together often. They have two grown children, and two grandchildren, who bring them great joy.
Donna 's deepest desire is to help bring people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and she writes to further that goal.