World 5.0 - We Move From Here – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth & Our Lives Together

World 5.0 - We Move From Here
320 Pages
ISBN 978-1724204196

We humans have been struggling to find our way for generations, thwarted by elites, nation-states and corporate interests. Globalism has made it worse.

Now we finally have a guidebook. 'World 5.0 - We Move From Here' breaks down who and where we are in a refreshing change from the old context we grew up in.

Our home is Here in Life. We've been abused and distracted for so long that this simple truth has been lost. And if we are all part of Life, which we clearly are, and if Life only happens Now, which is clearly true, we are necessarily All Here Together.

Finding our common ground allows us a fresh perspective in this Earth-based experience. By focusing on Life Now, we can elect to change our thoughts and feelings. Which means we color our experience of Life by our choices.

Jim Prues

About Jim Prues (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Jim Prues

I am truly a child of the 1960s, with my ‘wiring’ and ideas very much an outgrowth of those times. Growing up within a large, loving family, I was always a curious sort. Growing up Catholic - questions about the nature of God, and where we are and where we come from were an itch from as long as I can remember.

A lifelong citizen of the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I've been an entrepreneur and the owner of video production company, Panoptic Media for 25 years. I'm part of a large family, in which I find great joy. Always curious about why things are as they are, I've focused on Eastern and Western spiritualism, A Course in Miracles, chakras and well, most anything Life, Earth and Sun have to offer. Along with authoring ‘World 5.0 – We Move From Here’, I've been a writer, musician, activist, Occupier and candidate for the United States Congress.

When I was struck with this notion of world5 while walking my wolf dog in 2004, this notion and its power became my life's work. Since then, several iterations of this website, a declaration, a book about healing ourselves, our earth and our life together, and numerous other content, I again find myself Here, with all of you. but Now we're on the threshold of a New Age.