Years of Stone – Book 2: The McDonnell Clan

Years of Stone
372 Pages
ISBN 10: 1500129585

When the man she loves is sent to prison in 1842, Deidre follows him to a world beyond the seas, Van Diemen’s Land in Australia. Their ship runs aground just as they reach the dreaded penal colony in Van Diemen’s Land (present day Tasmania).

As Mac toils on a road gang, Deidre cobbles together a job. Befriended by Lady Franklin, the wife of world-famous explorer, Sir John Franklin, Deidre finds a way to reassign Mac to Doc Morrell in Hobart Town. But Doc cannot help him once Mac fights with Constable Johnson. Mac must find a way to survive the prison at Port Arthur. Can Deidre and Mac build a new life for themselves in this rough and tumble penal colony?

Years of Stone was a Quarter finalist in 2014’s Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) competition. ABNA reviewers commented Years of Stone “grips from the beginning,” and is “not to be missed.”

Beth Camp

About Beth Camp (Spokane, Washington Author)

Beth Camp

Beth Camp, a former international banker, English Department chair and writing teacher, began writing historical fiction in 2009.

Standing Stones won an award from the Pacific Northwest Association of Writers, and begins the story of the MacDonnell clan set in 1840’s Scotland. Years of Stone, Book 2, follows Deidre and Mac to Van Dieman’s Land, a penal colony in 19th Century Australia. Rivers of Stone, Book 3, currently in progress, takes place as Dougal and Cat cross Canada during the fur trading era.

Active in Spokane Authors & Self-Publishers, she lives happily in the great Pacific Nor’west with husband, Allen, and quilts and writes – ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

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