A Quick Guide to Archetypes & Allegory

A Quick Guide to Archetypes & Allegory
76 Pages
Heritage House Books, LLC
ISBN  978-1733833301

Fictional works call out to us at a subconcious level. Different character types mean different things in different ways. But why?

Psychologist, Carl Jung, called these primordial character icons "archetypes." It was his belief we inherit our reaction to archetypes much as we do with certain basic instincts. He also believed these archetypes carried a given metaphorical meaning or, better stated, an allegory. 

Over the years, writers have used this knowledge of character archetypes, and their corresponding allegories, to create a literary, and even cinematic, shorthand to create relatable stories.

A Quick Guide to Archetypes & Allegory helps writers to better understand and capitalize on this knowledge. With this quick, handy reference guide you can make your stories more relatable and appealing to your targeted audience. This Quick Guide will help show you how to get from good to exceptional!

Ken Johnson

About Ken Johnson (Pensacola, Florida Author)

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson is a culturalist, conflict specialist, and award-winning author from Northwest Florida near America's first city, Pensacola. As a nonfiction author, his works specifically deal with conflict and culture.

Whether it be his books on Restorative Justice, a compendium telling the myths and history of Christmas, or a work talking about being Native American in America, be assured his works are well researched and provide a unique perspective you generally won't find anywhere else.