A Stranger's Child – Book One: The Pandoran Legacy

A Stranger's Child
341 Pages
Mary Lamphere
ISBN 9781984005144

A Stranger's Child is a contemporary continuation of the Pandora myth. After a young woman loses her estranged parents in a tragic accident, she embarks on a journey that reveals her fate as a daughter of Pandora. Coming to terms with her newfound heritage isn’t easy, she was raised in the real world! A series of mysterious events changes her mind, setting her on a path to fulfill her divine destiny.

Mary Lamphere

About Mary Lamphere (Dekalb County, Illinois Author)

Mary Lamphere

Mary F. Lamphere is a best-selling, award-winning, and multi-published author. POCKET MONEY was her debut novel under M F Lamphere. Pocket Money is available through Amazon and Kindle. She has also released two stories to the Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mysteries World, BAKER'S DOZEN, and KINDER GARDEN. Both are available on Kindle.

In addition to her three novels, Mary has had many short stories and poems published in both print and digital. She was the creator, facilitator, and participant of Word of Art 1-3, a collaboration of Authors and Artists.

She spends time with her husband of 31 years and their three corgis. She is the proud Gramma to Ben and Van.