At Calendar's End – Omnibus

At Calendar's End
704 Pages
ISBN 1544711352

Time is a fickle thing. Sometimes, so are those that wield it.

As the holidays set in and another year comes to a close, the Intercalary – beings charged with keeping the cycle of time moving forward – prepare for another year. For them, it’s nothing new. One more year in a timeless cycle, except things are already shaping up to be different for them this time around... A shadow haunts the Intercalary. A darkness that threatens to engulf them, revisiting the sins of time long forgotten. With their own lives in danger, humanity’s own existence now also hangs in the balance...

Andy Lockwood

About Andy Lockwood (Ann Arbor, Michigan Author)

Andy Lockwood

Andy Lockwood is a writer, an artist, and above all: a dreamer. He got his start in screenwriting and filmmaking where he discovered his obsessive love of storytelling.

He is the author of two novels, Empty Hallways and House of Thirteen; a 12-part serial thriller, At Calendar’s End; and is a regular contributor to horror anthologies. He is always working on another piece of writing, whether it is a novel, a story, or something else entirely. When not slaving away at the keyboard, he spends his time buying books he does not have time to read, and delving into mediums he has no time to fully explore, but he dabbles in them anyway.

He lives in mid-Michigan with his amazingly talented and entirely-too-supportive fiancée, a brood of cats, and a misguided idea of what it means to be an adult.

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